Reality Check

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This morning I woke up in paradise.  I walked out of the bedroom, passed my son sitting in a hammock smiling at me, to sit down in front of an infinity pool with a beautiful green forest and vast ocean as its backdrop.  I sat down in front of the pool which transformed in a moment from absolute stillness to a vibration of ripples dancing across the water.  The result of an almost imperceivable breeze moving through the atmosphere.  This is my reality.  At least part of my external reality.  It may be a friend’s house I stayed at last night, but it is only a portion of the beauty and blessings I have the privilege to experience on a daily basis.

I am awed by the diversity that is my reality.  My life is a series of contrast and variety, from the beautiful nature and landscapes that surround me here…

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This election calls into question an entire operating system that is our federal government and by default our local governments as well. For so many people in a society to feel that they are not making an empowered decision in support of their personal interested, beliefs, and values; but a choice between the lesser of two evils when choosing their next president, is a blaring alarm that cannot be ignored without incurring drastic consequences. For a large part of the public to succumb to picking a party candidate that is representative of a particular political agenda as opposed to societal needs, interests, and progress and have no other viable options to turn to in necessary times of change and growth because we have entrench a two-party system for this society’s most influential service industry is an indication that this system needs to be restructured, reinvented, and totally renovated. Businesses go…

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A Huge Impact

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The MKMMA program has impacted every area of my life for the better.  As I developed a more defined and clear sense of who I was and what I truly wanted in life, through the exercises, materials, and processes laid out in the program, all the previous work and personal development I had done blended together into a cohesive system I could apply to anything.  Having a problem in a relationship?  How about at work?  Want more money?  Feel like you would be happy if only you were health?  Whatever the case may be…it applies to that.

zen mediation can happen anywhere

What do you want?  What do you need to do to create the environment for that thing you want?  Where can you put your focus that is in harmony with your desired manifestation?  Now here are all the tools to execute your objective with consistency and ease.  BAM!  The MKMMA program provides the…

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Best Laid Plans


May not be the best option for you.  After having a wrench get thrown into literally every plan I had made for my immediate future, the new job, the new house, the new school for my son, the timeline I saw all this happening and the current living, working, and childcare situation getting rocked and rolled right along with it; I have developed a talent for going with the flow.  I have accepted the truth, that my plan may not be the best option for me and, in fact, I have cultivated the trust that everything is working out infinitely better than I had intended it with my best efforts and strategies for change.  Perhaps, just maybe, I think too much and relax too little.  There is a definite possibly that I try to create too often and open to receive the manifestation of my creation far less than is in harmony with the natural ebb and flow of the great fabric of Existence.  So, I am practicing the art of relaxing and receiving.  It has become my new mantra of R & R.  Relax and receive.  It is just that simple.  Of course, all the knowledge, the MKMMA experience, the books, the gurus, the leading edge thought leader and visionaries have laid a foundation of harmonious thinking, conscious action, and authentic self expression, but the receiving of the gifts is all on me.  The conscious use of my mind, energy, resources, time, and focus is the present I get to open every single second of every day.  It is always time to celebrate the potential of any given moment.  It is always the perfect time to increase momentum in a exciting, inspiring and enriching area of my life.  The time is now, and now, and NOW!!!!!  I am never ever at a loss for the opportunity to open up to the flow of abundance and joy and peace and love.  That is pretty exciting to realize and feel and know.  It is true for all of us, for everyone.

So, is it time for some R & R in your life?  It is time to shift from the constant focus on creating the dream life so you can actually receive it?  This is my new best laid plan, what is yours?

Much Love and Gratitude,


Jen Daniels

MKMMA Momentum is Stilling Going Strong

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For those of you readers interested in sustainable forward momentum towards self realization and personal fulfillment, seriously consider participating in the next MKMMA experience.  I will forewarn you that it requires your commitment, effort, and surrender of all the things that hold you back.  But I can also reassure you that all the component you will need to do that and continue to do it after the program ends are provided and easy to implement in this program.

So, what is my life looking like these days?  Well, I am super excited to share an update on the book I’m writing.  I reached my first goal in writing my book last week.  I have written 60,000 plus words as of now, which translates into roughly 200 pages of content.  I am now taking a beautiful vacation in Myrtle Beach and staying right on the beach.  I will return home at the…

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The Inclusive Approach


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I am unveiling here and now, the premise of my new book.  It is the culmination of all my decade long search for an attitude and method to living live to the fullest on my own terms, in harmony with the laws of the universe and expression of my life purpose in accordance with my truest self.  The philosophy is called The Inclusive Approach and it is based on a non-resistant, directed, intentional approach to living.  The core intention being inclusivity.  Not leaving out or rejecting any part of the Whole.  It is the implementation of the truth that we are all One, of the One, expressing the One, and experiencing the One.  An inclusive approach to life requires attention to being receptive, open, and discerning.  The discerning component is necessary as an effort to focus the majority of your attention and mental concentration on those things within you and around…

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Week 26 (Post MKMMA) Fall of the Wagon?


It’s all about Balance

More like pole vault off the wagon at lightning speed.  This week has been a total bust.  Seriously.  I think I read Og maybe 2 or 3 times total.  My DMP, once.  I listened to the recording probably 3 times, read a few of the Haanel lessons with the TV on in the background, didn’t move my body from the couch expect to get more flu medicine for myself or my son. Oh, yeah, did I mention we had the flu this week.  So, when I am feeling like demons have set up shop inside every part of my body and mind, what do I do, well this week I took the ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ approach.  I tanked my mental diet, I mean tanked it.  I had so many opinions, fever induced, delirious opinions about things, some things so old and not present that it surprises me I could have such mental activity around the subject given how weak I was, but I am nature’s greatest miracle, so anything is possible, right.  My anthem sounded a lot like this, “uuuggghhh, I feel like crap.  My poor son feels like crap.  I’m a horrible mom because my son keeps getting sick.  Why?  Why?  Why?’  Not one approved mental diet item to be found.

All joking aside, this week was nearly a wash, but I am still loving myself and being gentle in the midst and now recovery phase of my relapse.  And, one of the things I wrote down on my mounts of index cards is that when I started feeling the flu symptoms creep into my experience, I kept repeating, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.”  And at the very beginning, I started to feel like I was going to be able to think my way to health before I was full blown sick.  Well, that didn’t happen.  But it did reveal a belief that has been creating a lot of resistance in me throughout my life, and especially during time periods, like the MKMMA experience, where I have tried to apply the power of thought consciously in my life.  I don’t trust my mind.  I belief my mind is not well intentioned and has been tainted, gotten to, corrupted.  I realized while I lay there body aching, head pounding, stomach churning, that this was my body’s innate intelligence responding to the stressed out mental conditions running the show.  Light BULB!  And my son’s similar symptoms were a result of the same cause.  We are mentally and emotionally stressed and our body’s, like innocent victims to their unstable master, have to cope with the side effects of that mental stress with discomfort and dis ease and sickness.  And more importantly, I must suffer through these physical ailments until I can let go of that which no longer serves me and make room for what is ready to fill that space.  Wow!  Kind of hard to intrust the watchman at the gate job to someone I see as such a vicious, unstable tyrant.

The tools of this program have never seemed more vital to this process of getting over the final hump than after my week long pity pool party.  Another confession and epiphany before I go, another piece of cement I found hanging on for dear life in the midst of my illness, embellishment.  So, here I am with a sick, feverish six year old and myself in the same condition.  He is not going to school, I am not going to work.  So I have to call in and let them know.  When my manager gets on the phone, my voice instantly changes to that of someone on their deathbed.  Not that I sounded like I was in perfect health before the manage got on the line, but it was like I somehow felt the need to really sell it that I was not well enough to come in so they wouldn’t think I was lying.  Like he was going to tell me to come in so he could take my temperature or bring a doctor’s note.  Then when I was at work, I found myself talking to people even slower and quieter than I already was doing being sick, so that again, they didn’t think I was just trying to get out of work.  Like looking like an extra from the Walking Dead wasn’t convincing enough for everyone.  So, reveal number two, I still have my authority and power out there when it comes to many things in my life.  And that is officially changing as of now.  My newest top priority is self-reliance in every area of my life.  I have been giving away my power for far too long now and I am done.  This time of reflection that blogging enables me to do has been very helpful.  And after reading through many of my blogs, I am so proud to be me.  I am vulnerable, optimistic, courageous, and funny.  Now I am cultivating the skill of self reliance like it is the air I breathe, the jackpot winning ticket, the wind beneath my wings, the magic lamp, and combination to the safe housing all my hopes and dreams.  At this moment, right now, I am calling back all the pieces of me and blasting away any and all habits of self-sabotage.  I appreciate it is a process, but with everything I know now, and the things I am continuing to discover about myself, I have the deepest faith and trust that I am fast tracking my way there for sure.  So, I end this week, with a stronger immune system, more valuable clarity, an appointment with a naturopathic doctor, and loads and loads of hope and useful action steps.  Life is good, even with a stuffy nose.

Much Love,



Thanks for capturing this one, Sebastian.  Mommy loves you!

Exciting News

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After completing the MKMMA experience and spending the past 5 months discovering, clarifying, claiming, and empowering my ‘Definite Major Purpose’ in life, also referred to as my dharma; I am so excited to announce that I am writing a book.  Throughout this program, I realized that writing was one of my profound methods of connecting with Totality (my word to describe God or All That IS) and myself.  It is a passion that I am transforming into a calling and intending to develop into my vocation.

The book is still in the formulation process, however, I am starting to find a structure within the content I wish to share and know that it will include topics such as parenting, travel, intentional living, holistic living, sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, with a bit of electronica peppered in here and there.  In short, it is a book about life, living consciously, developing…

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Week 25 (Post MKMMA) Settling into Self Trust

One week out of the MKMMA program and I am still hanging out with the big boys, Haanel, Mandino, and Emerson.  I have visited with some other gems as well, but these are my roommates as of right now.  My new life’s growth is soaring, THRIVING!  I am writing nearly everyday, meeting many of my daily requires with a…..happy knack?  What?!?!?!?Whoop!  Whoop! 

Throughout the MKMMA experience Mark, Davene, and Trish stressed the importance of making friends with the guy or gal in the glass and, especially the future self.  I hear them, but hearing something and implementing it are two very different things.  My future self was always more like an after thought.  Like, I didn’t eat all day and then got home and binged on chips and hummus.  Now I will go make dinner for my son and probably eat dinner, too.  Oh, crap, sorry future self, guess it is going to be your job to lose those extra pounds.  Oooooohhhh, cookies.  Yeah, so, not friends just yet, more like a personal trainer I wanted to give a really hard task and see it they were up to the challenge.  But now that we are onto the next chapter in this book of life, post MKMMA, post weekly webinars where I get a jolt of inspiration, post exercises and assignments that I did because I am a ‘good’ student; I must inspire myself in my areas of challenge, not just the easy street stuff, my go-to success subjects.  I must choose to be an inspiration to myself and deeply connected to my future self and the impact my present has on her.  I must do this, because I am worthy of my highest expression, I am deserving of all the good that is meant just for me to enjoy; I am nature’s greatest miracle after all.  And that is true, right now.

You see, when I thought of my future self, she was awesome.  She is fully aligned with her spirit, profoundly connected and aware of her life purpose, confident in herself, trusting of the Universal mind and it’s infallible nature, living a life of gratitude, fulfillment, health, wealth, and love.  And, you know what, I didn’t feel good enough for her.  Can you believe that?  So, I was making it hard on her, God love me.  She was just too awesome to be friends with the likes of me.  Even writing this now, it seems silly to say, but it was true, maybe it will be true again tomorrow.  As Og said, this too shall pass.  But today, in this moment, I am feeling in harmony with my true self, future self, Divine expression.  Yippy!!!!  I am feeling it people, and it feels gooooooooooooddddddd!  What was the turning point you ask?  Well, a song interestingly enough.  On the final call of the class, our fearless (fear-using) leaders put a slideshow to music and had me crying like a baby the whole thing.  Tissues littering the floor around me like a chalk outline kind of crying.  So, after the webinar, I thought, what are some songs in my personal soundtrack of this journey.  Two came to mind instantly, ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ by Coldplay and ‘Be Welcome Here’ by Peter Makena.  Now, the second song in particular had a profound effect on me during two pivotal, transformative times in my life.  One was last year while I was living in Costa Rica.  I hear this song for the first time during an early morning meditation. 

The lyrics,

And you’ll the day will come

when will elation you will greet

yourself at your own door

to give your heart back to the self

to the stranger

who has loved you

all your life

impact me profoundly.  During this moment, I knew the stranger was my soul, whom I had not yet known intimately as a result of living life in my head, for other people’s expectations, ideals, and ways, and distrusting my ability to handle the brilliance that existed within me.  And then realizing in that moment, that no matter how much I denied, ignored, dismissed, rejected, or silenced this authentic spiritual me, my soul (I) still loved me.  I still looked at this fragmented version of me with appreciation, acceptance, gratitude, and reverence.  Wow!!!  I know, right, that’s some deep stuff, huh?  Of course, since that time, this song has held a special place in my heart.  Now, fast forward to me hearing it after the MKMMA experience with all the knowledge and expansion that has taken place within me over the past five months and I have another epiphany with the song.  The future self, the one I am not good enough to become friends with, let alone become; is the stranger, too.  The most divine, self actualized expression of me, without concrete weighing her down, a multitude of voices in her head drowning out the truth, or a pair of eyes that only see what is outside of her.  Double WOW!  My future self, the stranger that has loved me all my life, is always my friend, without exception, regardless of whether I eat the cookie or not, finish my three reads that day, or see the beauty and power within me at any given moment.  My future self is holding the vision, the space, and the confidence that we are becoming one.  Thank God for her.  She is awesome!  Just like me.

Much Love,


Asheville Trip6

P.S.  Say hello to your future self, the stranger that has loved you for all your life, today!  He or she will be sitting next to mine watching us with such love and appreciation.

Week 24 Reminiscing


Coming to the end of this phase of the MKMMA, I can’t help but look back over the past five months and reminisce about the impact it had and continues to have on me.  I would say the impact it has on my life, but as my life is but a reflection of my inner world, ‘me’ seems a more appropriate term to use at this stage of the game, right.  Having taken responsibility for myself while simultaneously releasing the pattern of self judgement, blame, and shame; has had the most powerful impact on my daily life thus far. 

At the beginning of this program I was on top of it all.  I did the exercises like a champion.  3 reads, check.  Do it now 25 times, twice a day, check.  Get the task done on the service card with a happy knack and then celebrate it, check.  I was so proud of myself and thought, I am on my way to getting everything I want in life.  Then… the progressions started and things got a little more complicated.  I got overwhelmed at times and realized, the gift of this overwhelm, that when I feel I have too much on my plate I eat more sweets, oddly enough.  I also consume more justification, validation, and excuses in my daily diet to ease my guilt about not getting it all done.  I remember being dismissive of the shapes as they did not resonate with me, I rarely remembered to look for them when I was out and about, didn’t feel like I was seeing them around the house unless I actively decided to look at them, and struggled to remember what each shape and color represented on my DMP.  “That learning style isn’t part of my genetic make-up”, I would decide and so I would slack on the tasks associated with it.  The gift in that habit was that it showed me how ingrained self judgement and guilt were in my daily operating system.  I started to see through this program that I unconsciously (or should I say subconsciously since the subby is running the show, right) would find ways to build guilt into my day.  I may have a fantastic, uplifted, productive day without a hint of guilt creeping in, but meet a challenge getting my son to sleep, raise my voice at him, and spend the next two hours beating myself up about it and hypothesizing about the damage I am causing his defenseless little psyche.  But the day was going so good, I would think, what happened?  I didn’t get my daily dose of guilt is what happened.  I know, since this feeling is so uncomfortable, I’ll go distract myself with a container of hummus and bag of pita chips.  Then I can overeat and feel guilty at the same time.  Awesome!

At other times throughout the program I was totally disoriented.  Who am I?  What do I want?  Where am I going?  Who just said that?  Why am I doing this?  What’s the point?  Can I go back to sleep now?  When am I going to get the answer?  Can I trust this process?  Can I believe in myself?  Why is it so hard to let go?  What am I still holding onto?  Those are just a few of the many questions that I had rolling around in my head.  Those times were filled with a lot of snacking, crying, pissing and moaning, laughing, dancing, and crying some more.  I also enjoyed rashes, sickness, aches, pains, and pinkeye.  I chucked it all up to growing pains and mastered the art of laugh-crying, where you go Diane Keaton style and seamlessly transition crying into laughing into crying again.  It’s a skill, that requires complete abandon to master. 

But, when I wasn’t doubting the program, and truly that was doubting my ability to get the material, understand it, use it, and see positive change in my life as a result of its application; let’s be real here, friends; I was settling into an inner peace that was oh so brand new and awesome.  When I was doing my sits and getting past my monkey mind and conditioning, I was flowing with the Divine current of life and receiving insights, inspiration, and ideas about how I could give and receive in perfect harmony with my unique self expression in this world.  When I was trusting the exercises being effective, whether I understand the complexity of them or not, I was more productive, more relaxed, more open, and more joyous.  And, ooooohhhh, I loved this, when I was more present, living in acceptance, responsibility, and defenselessness, I felt so connected and saw beauty, health, wealth, and love everywhere I looked.  I saw the abundance of imagination that my son possesses.  I saw the wealth of resources that exist all around us in nature and more is being produced everyday.  I witnessed the beauty each individual has within themselves, especially when they lose their self-consciousness and are just being themselves.  I enjoyed the health of my body, the energy pulsing in every cell of my being, vitalized with Universal Mind, my ever-present connection to All That IS! 

Now, I’ll admit, I have had glimpses of these things before, here and there.  But they were spontaneous moment that I would try desperately to recreate with external circumstances.  One of the most powerful aspects of this program is its length and the tools we are directed to implement in our daily lives.  It is a perfect combination of time devoted daily to the exercises with a course duration that allows for each participant to go through the inevitable ups and downs that occur when shifting out long held disempowering patterns and habits.  MKMMA basically saturates the participant with ways to break free.  BAM!  And we aren’t done. Not even close.  This is a lifetime commitment.  Once you open the door, there is no going back.  And, honestly, who would want to go back anyway.  Living someone else’s version of life is so unfulfilling.  So here I am, at another crossroads.  This time, however, I have a map, compass, magnifying glass, companions, and plenty of snacks for my mind to feed on when nourishment and encouragement to stay the course is needed.  The Hero’s Adventure continues!  Happy trails everyone.  I love you all so much.

Be well and enjoy the now



Rocking out some self expression at a drum circle in Greensboro, NC